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  KANT AND PRE-KANTIAN THEMES: Lectures by Wilfrid Sellars
Edited by Pedro Amaral
Contents (Chapters only)
1. Introductory Remarks to the Class
2. Adverbial Theories of Sensing
3. Act-Content
4. Thinking and Representables
5. More on Transcendental Idealism
6. Intuition and Space
7. Intuition and Sensation
8. Space, Time, and Relations
9. Appearance and the In Itself
10. Why Have the In Itself?
11. Categories and Intuition in the Schematism and Transcendental Deduction
12. Judging; Objective Validity and Association
13. Time and Experience of Change
14. Kant on the Experience of Change
15. Space, the Form of Outer Sense, and the σ dimension
16. The Analogies
17. Some Questions
Historical Setting in the Spinoza Lecture: love, the intellect, and individual immortality by Pedro Amaral
Aristotelian Philosophies of Mind
The Philosophical Works of Wilfrid Sellars

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  The Metaphysics of Epistemology: Lectures by Wilfrid Sellars
Edited by Pedro V. Amaral
Wilfrid Sellars gave these lectures on the metaphysics of epistemology during the fall of 1975... . Considerable effort has been taken to preserve the pictures drawn during discussion. Without them, the lectures would be qualitatively different. As Sellars once remarked, “The traditional way of looking at things was in terms of a picture and I mean ‘picture’ literally because, as Wittgenstein correctly emphasizes, philosophers of different persuasions are hypnotized by different pictures. Literally pictures, little diagrams that they draw in the margins of their manuscripts which may not even get into the heart of the text. But, you can read a philosopher’s work, and pretty soon you can illustrate it. I have always been very candid: you can illustrate what I say because I provide the illustrations.”
Lecture 1: Objects of Knowlege
What is involved in Knowing?
Types of Knowing
Basic Facts
Types of Existence
Thinkables and Meanings
Seeing and Believing
Veridical and Mistaken Perception
Qualities: Types and Divisions

Lecture 2: Perception and Reality
Private Worlds
Conditional Private Experience
Theory of Appearing
Perception and Spontaneous Belief
Apprehension or Sensation
Recognition As
An Example: Pain
Sensation and Belief

Lecture 3: Facts and Representation
Occurent Beliefs
Experience As
Second-order Attributes and Facts
The A Priori and Necessity

Lecture 4: Rationalism and Empiricism
Causality and C-Entailment
Mild Rationalism and Induction
Concept Empiricism

Lecture 5: Meaning
The Domain of Meanings
Thinking and Verbal Behaviorism

Lecture 6: Knowledge and Representation
The Evident
Getting to The Indirectly Evident
Critical Cognitivism
Thoughts: Verbal Behaviorism

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  Rationalism, Empiricism, and Pragmatism: An Introduction
Bruce Aune
I. Descartes and Rationalism
II. Hume and Empiricism
III. Contemporary Empiricism
IV. Pragmatism and A Priori Knowledge
V. Pragmatism and Empirical Knowledge

(ISBN 0-924922-37-0)

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  Knowledge, Mind, and Nature
Bruce Aune
I. Introduction
II. Does Knowledge have an Indubitable Foundation?
III. Meaning and Immediate Experience
IV. Language and Avowals
V. Inner States and Outer Criteria
VI. Sense Impressions
VII. Common-Sense Colors and Theoretical Science
VIII. Thinking
IX. Mind and Body
X. Conclusion

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  Logic, Bivalence, and Denotation (2nd ed.)
Ermanno Bencivenga, Karel Lambert and Bas C. van Fraassen
The second edition of Logic, Bivalence, and Denotation has been rewritten and corrected. In addition, an appendix with natural deduction rules for free logic has been added. (The paperback of the second edition is being offered at a special price to accommodate those philosophers who purchased the paperback of the first edition.)
1. Introduction 1: Appraisal of Reasoning 2: The Formal Approach 3:Validity and Other Logical Notions
2. The Logic of Statements 1: Statements 2: The Official Idiom and Symbolic Paraphrase 3: Tableaux 4*: Truthvalue Gaps
3. The Logic of Singular Terms and Predicates 1: The Revised Official Idiom and Symbolic Paraphrase 2: Tableaux 3: Identity 4*: Non-Denoting Singular Terms
4. The Logic of Analyzed Terms: Definite Descriptions 1: Definite Descriptions 2: Extension of the Official Idiom and Symbolic Paraphrase 3: Tableaux 4*: Non-Denoting Descriptions
5. Metalogic 1: Logic and Metalogic 2: Induction 3: The Soundness of Tableaux in the Logic of Statements 4: The Completeness of Tableaux in the Logic of Statements 5: The Soundness of Tableaux in the Standard Logic of Singular Terms and Predicates 6: The Completeness of Tableaux in the Standard Logic of Singular Terms and Predicates 7*: Soundness and Completeness of Free Tableaux 8: Remarks on Identity and Descriptions 6.*: Applications of Free Logic 1: Mathematics 2: Logical Necessity 3: Nonextensional Discourse 4: Presuppositions 5: Abstract Individuals Appendix: Natural Deduction

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The paperback of the second edition is being offered at a special price to accommodate those philosophers who purchased the paperback of the first edition.

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  John Dewey
Richard J. Bernstein
1. Philosophy as Criticism
2. From Hegel to Darwin
3. The Shaping of a Social Reformer
4. Experience: The Philosophical Perspective
5. The Reconstruction of Experience
6. Experience and Nature
7. Qualitative Immediacy
8. Inquiry
9. Science and Valuation
10. The Community, the Individual, and the Educative Process
11. The Artistic, the Esthetic, and the Religious
12. Retrospective and Prospective

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  Reduction in the Abstract Sciences
Daniel A. Bonevac
Foreward by Wilfrid Sellars
I. Reduction and Abstract Objects: 1. The Dilemma; 2. Ontological Reduction
II. Philosophical Analysis and Construction:1. Logicism; 2. The Philosophy of Logical Atomism; 3. Constructionalism; 4. Formalization
III. Intertheoretic Explanation: 1. The Derivational Model; 2. The Counterfactual Model; 3. The Model-theoretic Model; 4. The Explanatory Model
IV. Reduction and Interpretability: 1. Consistency and Undecidability Proofs; 2. Formal Results on Reducibility
V. Intertheoretic Identifications: 1. Multiple Reductions; 2. Intertheoretic Identifications; 3. The Semantics of Intertheoretic Sentences
VI. Relative Identity Considered: 1. The Relative-identity Thesis; 2. The Argument from the Possibility of Revision; 3. The Logic of Identity; 4. Reconstructing Class Identity Theory
VII. Pythagoreanism and Proxy Functions:1. Neo-Pythagoreanism and the Löwenheim-Skolem Theorem; 2. Axiomatic Theories; 3. Reduction and Epistemology
VIII. Interpretation and Ontology: 1. A Criterion of Ontological Commitment; 2. Ontological Commitment and Reduction; 3. A Reformulation of Ontological Questions

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  Ethical Theory in the Last Quarter of the Twentieth Century
Edited by Norman E. Bowie
Charles L. Stevenson, Value-Judgments: Their Implicit Generality
William K. Frankena, Moral-Point-of-View Theories
R. B. Brandt, Problems of Contemporary Utilitarianism: Real and Alleged
A. I. Melden, On Moral Rights

(ISBN 0-915145-34-0)

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  THE TABLE OF JUDGMENTS: CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON A67-76;B92-101 Volume 4 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy
Reinhard Brandt (translated by Eric Watkins)

Translator’s note
I. Introduction
II. The Completeness of the Table of Judgments in Recent Literature
III. The Systematic Idea of the Table
IV. On the Genesis of the Table
V. On the History of the Interpretation of the Critique of Pure Reason
List of Reflexionen Cited
(ISBN 0-924922-74-5)

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  Circularity, Definition, and Truth
Edited by André Chapuis and Anil Gupta
G. Aldo Antonelli, Virtuous Circles: From Fixed Points to Revision Rules
Elke Brendel, Circularity and the Debate Between Deflationist and Substantive Theories of Truth
André Chapuis, Rationality and Circularity
Haim Gaifman, Pointers to Propositions
Anil Gupta, On Circular Concepts
Volker Halbach, Disquotationalism Fortified
Robert Koons, Circularity and Hierarchy
Adam Kovach, Truth as a Value Concept
Philip Kremer, On the “Semantics” for Languages with their own Truth Predicates
Byeong Deok Lee, The Paradox of the Surprise Examination Revisited
Vann McGee, The Analysis of “x is true” as “For any p, if x = ‘p’,
then p
Francesco Orilia, Belief Revision and the Alethic Paradoxes
Gregg Rosenberg, Circularity and the Sorites
Richard Schantz, Truth, Correspondence, and Reference: How Deflationists diverge from Tarski
Keith Simmons, Three Paradoxes: Circles and Singularities
Brian Skyrms, Truth Dynamics
Achille Varzi and Roberto Casati, True and False: An Exchange
Mark Wilson, Inference and Correlational Truth

(ISBN 81-85636-43-5)

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  Realism and the Background of Phenomenology
Edited by R. M. Chisholm

1. Franz Brentano, The Distinction Between Mental and Physical Phenomena
2. Franz Brentano, Presentation and Judgment Form Two Distinct Fundamental Classes
3. Franz Brentano, Genuine and Fictitious Objects
4. Alexius Meinong, The Theory of Objects
5. Edmund Husserl, Phenomenology
6. Edmund Husserl, Phenomenology and Anthropology
7. H. A. Prichard, Appearances and Reality
8. E. B. Holt, W. T. Marvin, W. P. Montague, R. B. Perry, W. B. Pitkin, and E. G. Spaulding, Introduction to ‘The New Realism’
9. Samuel Alexander, The Basis of Realism
10. Bertrand Russell, The Ultimate Constituents of Matter
11. Arthur C. Lovejoy, A Temporalistic Realism
12. G. E. Moore, A Defence of Common Sense

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  MINDS, IDEAS, AND OBJECTS: Essays on the Theory of Representation in Modern Philosophy
Volume 2 of the North American Kant Society Studies in PhilosophyVolume 2
Edited by Phillip D. Cummins and Guenter Zoeller
Introduction by Phillip D. Cummins
Jean-Marie Beyssade , Descartes on Material Falsity
Peter Markie , Descartes on the Awareness of Substance
Tad M. Schmaltz , Sensation, Occasionalism, and Descartes' Causal Principles
Thomas Lennon , Malebranche's Argument for Ideas and its Systematic Importance
Steven Nadler , Intentionality in the Arnauld-Malebranche Debate
Martha Brandt Bolton , The Idea-Theoretic Basis of Locke’s Anti-Essentialist Doctrine of Nominal Essence
Ian Tipton , “Ideas” and “Objects”: Locke on Perceiving “Things”
Margaret Atherton , Ideas in the Mind, Qualities in Bodies: Some Distinctive Features of Locke’s Account of Primary and Secondary Qualities
Geneviève Brykman , Locke on Private Language
Margaret D. Wilson , Confused versus Distinct Perception in Leibniz: Consciousness, Representation, and God’s Mind
Kenneth P. Winkler , Ideas, Sentiments, and Qualities
Bertil Belfrage , The Constructivism of Berkeley's New Theory of Vision
Charles J. McCracken
, Berkeley on the Relation of Ideas to the Mind
Georges Dicker, Berkeley on the Immediate Perception of Objects
Robert McKim, Berkeley on Private Ideas and Public Objects
Daniel Flage Relative Ideas and Notions
Fred Wilson, Association, Ideas, and Images in Hume
Ralf Meerbote, Space and Time and Objects in Space and Time: Another Aspect of Kant’s Transcendental Idealism
James Van Cleve , The Argument from Geometry, Transcendental Idealism, and Kant’s Two Worlds
Manfred Baum , Kant on Pure Intuition
Richard E. Aquila , The Subject as Appearance and as Thing in Itself in the Critique of Pure Reason: Reflections in the Light of the Role of Imagination in Apprehension
Hoke Robinson , Kant on Embodiment
Guenter Zoeller , The Austrian Way of Ideas: Contents and Objects of Presentations in the Brentano School.
(ISBN 0-924922-63-x)

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  LOGIC AND THE WORKINGS OF THE MIND: The Logic of Ideas and Faculty Psychology in Early Modern Philosophy
Volume 5 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy
Edited by Patricia A. Easton

Lorne Falkenstein and Patricia A. Easton,
Frederick S. Michael, Why Logic Became Epistemology: Gassendi, Port Royal and the Reformation of Logic
Gary Hatfield, The Workings of the Intellect: Mind and Psychology
E. Jennifer Ashworth, Petrus Fonseca on Objective Concepts and the Analogy of Being
Elmar J. Kremer, Arnauld on the Nature of Ideas as a Topic in Logic: The Port-Royal Logic and On True and False Ideas
Emily Michael
, Francis Hutcheson’s Logicae Compendium and the Glasgow School of Logic
Jill Vance Buroker, The Priority of Thought to Language in Cartesian Philosophy
Fred Wilson, Berkeley's Metaphysics and Ramist Logic
Charles Echelbarger, Hume and the Logicians
David Owen, Hume on Demonstration
Patricia Kitcher, Kant on Logic and Self-Consciouness
Francois Duchesneau, Leibniz and the Model for Contingent Truths
Phillip D. Cummins, Hume on Possible Objects and Impossible Ideas
Manfred Kuehn, The Wolffian Background of Kant’s Transcendental Deduction
Catherine Wilson, Between Medicina Mentis and Medical Materialism
Eric Palmer, Descartes's Rules and the Workings of the Mind
Louis E. Loeb, Causal Inference, Associationism, and Skepticism in Part III of Book I of Hume’s Treatise
Robert E. Butts
, Kant's Dialectic and the Logic of Illusion
Anthony Lariviere and Thomas Teufel, Bibliography.
(ISBN 0-924922-77-x)

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  Kant: Disputed Questions (Second Edition) Edited with an Introduction and New Translations by Moltke S. Gram
Part 1. The Patchwork Thesis
Hans Vaihinger, The Transcendental Deduction of the Categories in the First Edition of the Critique of Pure Reason
H. J. Paton, Is the Transcendental Deduction a Patchwork?
Part II. Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics
Arthur O. Lovejoy, Kant's Antithesis of Dogmatism and Criticism
Moltke S. Gram, Do Transcendental Arguments have a Future?
Ernst Cassirer, Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics
Heinz Heimsoeth, Metaphysical Motives in the Development of Critical Idealism
Part III. Kant's Theory of the Synthetic-Analytic Distinction
Lewis White Beck, Kant's Theory of Definition
Lewis White Beck, Can Kant's Synthetic Judgments be Made Analytic?
Moltke S. Gram, The Crisis of Syntheticity: The Kant-Everhard Controversy
H. J. Paton, The Key to Kant's Deduction of the Categories
Arthur O. Lovejoy, Kant's Classification of the Forms of Judgment
Arthur O. Lovejoy, On Kant's Reply to Hume

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  Theories and Observation in Science
Edited by Richard E. Grandy
Introductory Essay
Ernst Mach, The Economical Nature of Physics
Norman Campbell, Definition of a Theory
Rudolph Carnap, Testability and Meaning
R. B. Braithwaite, The Nature of Theoretical Concepts and the Role of Models in an Advanced Science
C. G. Hempel, The Empiricist Criteria of Cognitive Significance: Problems and Changes
Israel Scheffler, Prospects of a Modest Empiricism, I
J. J. C. Smart, The Reality of Theoretical Entities
Grover Maxwell, Theories, Frameworks, and Ontology
Hilary Putnam, What Theories Are Not
Richard C. Jeffrey, Review of Putnam
Norwood R. Hanson, Observation
Paul K. Feyerabend, On the Interpretation of Scientific Theories
W. V. O. Quine, Posits and Reality
Peter Achinstein, On Meaning-Dependence
Paul K. Feyerabend, On the "Meaning" of Scientific Terms

(ISBN 0-917930-39-8)

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  The Philosopher's Annual
General Editor: Patrick Grim
Click here for complete listing with table of contents
See Philosopher's Annual page
  Matter and Method
R. Harre

Part I: The Analysis of Conceptual Systems
The Scope of this Study
Matter and Metaphysics
Production and Generation
The Hierarchy of Mechanisms
The Nature of a General Conceptual System
Invariants and Principles of Conservation
Modifications to a General Conceptual System
The Function of a General Conceptual System
Conceptual Systems and Reasoning
The General Conceptual System and Existence
The Newtonian General Conceptual System
Part 2: The Corpuscularian Philosophy
Perceptions and Things
The Corpuscularian Philosophy
Gassendi, Bacon, Boyle
The Necessary Properties of Matter
Galileo and the Method of Contrasts
John Locke, The Theory of Perceptual Counterparts
The Newtonian Synthesis
True Mechanical Matter
The General Conceptual System as a Determinant of Method
A Summary of the Arguments

(ISBN 0-917930-28-2)

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(ISBN 0-917930-08-8)

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Edited by Dunja Jutronic
DUNJA JUTRONIC, Editor's Preface
JOHN BIGELOW, Devitt's Double Standard
WILLIAM DEMOPOULOS, The Centrality of Truth to the Theory of Meaning
CAROL SLATER, Semantics as Immature Science
CHRISTEN HANSON, Conceptual Role Semantics and Verification-Transcendent Truth
JOSEPH LEVINE, Troubles with Moderate Localism
OLGA MARKIÇ, A Localist Network?
TAKASHI YAGISAWA, Knocked out Senseless: Naturalism and Analyticity
DORIT BAR-ON, 'Natural' Semamtic Facts—Between Eliminativism and Hyper-Realism
DUNJA JUTRONIC , Knowledge of Meaning and Knowledge of the World
NENAD MIŠCEVIC, Pure Informational Semantics and the Narrow/Broad Dichotomy
ROD BERTOLET, Meaning, Cognitive Significance, and the Causal Theory
DAVID DAVIES, Naturalised Semantics and Content-Ascription
STEPHEN NEALE, Speaker's Reference and Anaphora
MATJAZ POTRC, A Localist Metaphysical Semantics?
KENNETH A. TAYLOR, The Psychology of Direct Reference
KENT BACH, What Belief Reports Don't Do
ANNE BEZUIDENHOUT, How Context-Dependent are Attitude Descriptions?
LOU GOBLE, Translucent Belief Ascriptions
JEFFREY KING, Propositions Even a Naturalist Can Believe In
EUGENE MILLS, Devitt on the Nature of Belief
PAUL M. PIETROSKI, Specifying Senses Innocently
WILLIAM W. TASCHEK, Putting Pierre and Peter in Context: on Ascribing Beliefs
MICHAEL DEVITT, Responses to the Maribor Papers

(ISBN 86-80693-32-4)

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  A Theory of Counterfactuals
Igal Kvart
1. Chisholm, Goodman, Stalnaker
2. Counterfactuals
3. Chisholm, Goodman, and Stalnaker Revisted
4. Causal Irrelevance
5. Purely Positive Causal Relevance
6. World Histories, Reference Times, and Formal Semantics
7. Intuitive Similarity and Minimal Change
8. Lewis Again
9. Toward a Comprehensive Theory of Counterfactuals

(ISBN 0-915145-63-4)

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(ISBN 0-915145-64-2)

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  An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science (4th Edition)
K. Lambert and G. Brittan, Jr.
I. Introduction
II. Explanation

1. Introduction 2. The Data 3. The Classical Theory of Scientific Explanation 4. The Causal-Statistical Theory of Scientific Explanation 5. The Pragmatic Theory of Scientific Explanation 6. Explanation and Laws 7. Explanation and Prediction 8. Intentional Explanation 9. Explanation and Understanding 10. A Final Word
III. Confirmation
1. Introduction 2. Confirmation versus Corroboration 3. The “Positive Instance” Account of Confirmation 4. The Bayesian Account of Confirmation 5. The “Bootstrap” Account of Confirmation 6. Assessment: The Problem of Relevance
IV. Theories
1. Introduction 2. The Classical View of Theories 3. The Historicist View of Theories 4. The Semantic View of Theories 5. The Reality of Scientific Entities 6. The Rationality of Theory Choice
V. The Nature Of Scientific Explanation
1. Introduction 2. Logical Truths 3. The Reduction of Mathematics 4. The Linguistic Theory of Truth 5. Logic and Mathematics 6. Truth by Convention 7. Mathematics and Science
VI. The Limits Of Scientific Explanation
1. Introduction 2. Determinism and Scientific Explanation 3. Reduction, Unification, and Scientific Explanation

(ISBN 0-924922-60-5)

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(ISBN 0-924922-10-9)

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  Art & Inquiry
Berel Lang
I. A Context for Inquiry 1. The Form of Aesthetics
II. Art's Question 2. Criticism: Its Modes and Performance 3. Denotation and Aesthetic Inference 4. Aesthetic Proximity: The Occasion of Belief 5. Intentionality and the Ontology of Art
Postscript: Aesthetics and Metaphysics

(ISBN 0-8143-1531-3)

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Volume 3 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy
Alison Laywine

I. Interpretation of Dreams
II. The System of Physical Influx
III. The Material Nature of Immaterial Things
IV. The Arcana of Swedenborg
V. Dreams of a Spirit-Seer
VI. The Inaugural Dissertation
VII. Towards the Critical Philosophy
(ISBN 0-924922-70-2)

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(ISBN 0-924922-20-6)

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  THE GOOD LIFE Personal and Public Choices
David Louzecky and Richard Flannery

Part I: Background Values Introduction
Chapter 1: Freedom : a. Enemies of Freedom b. Self-development and Lifestyles c. Individualism d. Interferring with Freedom e. The Harm Principle f. Selfishness g. Respect h. Democracy i. The Minimum Society
Chapter 2: Privacy : a. Self-development and Privacy b. Victimless Crimes c. Pathologies of Privacy d. Private Property e. Time for Ourselves
Chapter 3: Rationality : a. Choices b. Subjectivism c. Authorities d. Cultural Relativism e. Reasons f. Happiness g. Life-plans and Social Plans
Part II: Personal Values Introduction
Chapter 4: Good Work : a. Work b. Veblen on Work c. Personal and Public Choices d. Society and Work e. Play
Chapter 5: Intimate Companions : a. Lovers b. Friends c. Companions and Society d. Intimacy e. Character f. Marriage, Divorce, and Custody g. Parents and Children h. Beyond the Nuclear Family i. Children and Education
Part III: Public Values Introduction
Chapter 6: Equality : a. Egalitarianism b. Elitism c. Equality and Other Values d. Discrimination
Chapter 7: Justice : a. Justice as an Individual Virtue b. Just People c. Conditions of Just Societies d. Justice and Equality e. The Privileged
Chapter 8: Leaders and Followers in a Democracy : a. Citizens b. Democratic Politics c. The Communications Grid d. Revolutionaries e. Followers and Sheep f. The Possibility of Mass Democracy
Chapter 9: Hurrah for the Old Agenda! : a. Introduction b. Personal Politics i. Technocrats ii. Dilettantes iii. Hustlers iv. Outsiders v. Good Soldiers c. A Bridge i. The Dispossessed ii. The Individual d. Public Politics i. Size and Privacy ii. The Environment e. Conclusion

(ISBN 0-917930-95-9)

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(ISBN 0-917930-55-x)

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  The Paradox of the Liar
Edited by R. L. Martin

Editor’s Introduction
A. R. Anderson, St. Paul's Epistle to Titus
B. C. van Fraassen, Truth and Paradoxical Consequences
H. B. Herzberger, Truth and Modality in Semantically Closed Languages
J. T. Kearns, Some Remarks Prompted by van Fraassen's paper
B. C. van Fraassen, Rejoinder: On a Kantian Conception of Language
Brian Skyrms, Notes on Quantification and Self-Reference
F. B. Fitch, Comments and a Suggestion
J. L. Pollock, The Truth about Truth; A Reply to Brian Skyrms
R. L. Martin, A Category Solution to the Liar
K. S. Donnellan, Categories, Negation, and the Liar Paradox
Newton Garber, the Range of Truth and Falsity
R. L. Martin, Reply to Donnellan and Garver
Bibliography, Supplement to the Bibliography

(ISBN 0-917930-30-4)

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(ISBN 0-917930-10-x)

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  Falsification and Belief
Alastair McKinnon

Ch 1. Two Charges
Ch 2. A Model from Science
Ch 3. Unfalsifiable and Vacuous
Ch 4. Undemonstrated and Indemonstrable
Ch 5. Concluding Remarks

(ISBN 0-917930-33-9)

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(ISBN 0-917930-13-4)

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Volume 1 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy
Edited and Introduced by Ralf Meerbote

Associate Editor: Hud Hudson
Ralf Meerbote , Introduction
(i) The Background of Kant’s Aesthetics and His Early Writings on the Subject, Leading up to the Critique of Judgment
(ii) Six Attempts at Interpretation
(iii) A Historical Note: the Origin of These Papers
Carl J. Posy , Imagination and Judgment in the Critical Philosophy
Stephen F. Barker , Beauty and Induction in Kant's Third Critique
Peter Kivy
, Kant and the Affektenlehre: What He Said, and What I Wish He Had Said
Mary Mothersill , The Antinomy of Taste
Hud Hudson , The Significance of an Analytic of the Ugly in Kant’s Deduction of Pure Judgments of Taste
Nicholas Wolterstorff , An Engagement with Kant’s Theory of Beauty
Predrag Cicovacki , Kant's Aesthetics Between 1980 and 1990: A Bibliography
(ISBN 0-924922-56-7)

Discounted price: $24.00

(ISBN 0-924922-06-0)

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  Self, Language, and World: Problems from Kant, Sellars, and Rosenberg
Edited by James R. O'Shea and Eric M. Rubenstein
Willem deVries, Kant, Rosenberg, and the Mirror of Philosophy
David Landy, The Premise That Even Hume Must Accept
William G. Lycan, Rosenberg On Proper Names
Douglas Long, Why Life is Necessary for Mind: The Significance of Animate Behavior
Dorit Bar-On and Mitchell Green, Lionspeak: Communication, Expression, and Meaning
David Rosenthal, The Mind and Its Expression
Jeffrey Sicha, The Manifest Image: the Sensory and the Mental
Bruce Aune, Rosenberg on Knowing
Joseph C. Pitt, Sellarsian Antifoundationalism and Scientific Realism
Matthew Chrisman, The Aim of Belief and the Goal of Truth: Reflections on Rosenberg
James O’Shea, Conceptual Thinking and Nonconceptual Content: A Sellarsian Divide
Anton Koch, Persons as Mirroring the World
Eric M. Rubenstein, Form and Content, Substance and Stuff
Ralf Stoecker, On Being a Realist About Death

William G. Lycan, Biographical Remarks on Jay F. Rosenberg
Scholarly Publications of Jay F. Rosenberg

(ISBN 0-924922-40-0)

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PDF file (SLW-PDF)

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  Beyond Formalism: Naming and Necessity for Human Beings
Jay F. Rosenberg
Dialectical Preliminaries
I: Essential Properties, Thought-Experiments, and Modal Intuitions
II: Rigid Designators, Proper Names, and Possible Worlds
III: Referential Alternatives: Names and Descriptions
IV: Theoretical Desiderata for Nominal Reference
V: Idiolectic Sense, Confluence, and Isonymy
VI: Reference and Belief in Epistemological Perspective
VII: Logical Analysis in Epistemological Perspective
VIII: Roots and Roles of Logical Form
Works Cited
General Index
Name Index
Paperback only
(ISBN 0-924922-36-2)

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  The Thinking Self
Jay F. Rosenberg
Introduction: The Correlativity of Self and World
Ch. I: The Problematic of Apperception
Ch. II: Combination and the Unity of the Self
Ch. III: The Thing Which Thinks vs Res Cogitans
Ch. IV: Perceptual Experience and the Conceptual Awareness
Ch. V: Pure Positional Awareness and the Logical Phenomenology
Ch. VI: Perspectivality: A Logical Phenomenology of Space and Time
Ch. VII: Multi-perspectivality: A Logical Phenomenology of Objectivity
Ch. VIII: Empirical Epistemics and X-Objectivity
Ch. IX: Perspectivality and the Senses of Proper Names
Ch. X: Social Space and Multi-postionality
Epilogue: Two Forms of Self-Knowledge
Appendix to Ch. VI: Meta-Awareness and the Specious Present
Paperback only
(ISBN 0-924922-35-4)

Discounted price: $18.00
  Foundations and Applications of Inductive Probability
R. D. Rosenkrantz

CH. 1. Comparing Inductive Methods : 1. The problem of induction; 2. Reichenbach’s ‘vindication’; 3. Carnap’s Continuum; 4. Instances
CH. 1*. Probability Theory : 1. Probability spaces; 2. Combinatorics; 3. Random variables; 4. Limit Theorems
CH. 2. Coherence : 1. The Dutch book argument; 2. Admissibility implies coherence; 3. Assessing degrees of belief
CH. 3. Conditioning : 1. Coherent conditioning; 2. Valid conditioning; 3. Bayes' formula; 4. Confirmation; 5. Efficient conditioning; 6. Jeffrey conditioning
CH. 4. Objective Probability : 1. Laplace; 2. Invariant distributions; 3. Minimal belief change; 4. Frequency, propensity and exchangeability
CH. 4*. Uninformative Priors : 1. Finding invariant distributions; 2. Improper priors; 3. Characterizing cross entropy
CH. 5. The Logic of Inquiry : 1. Heuristics; 2. Simplicity and support; 3. The value of information
CH. 6. Theory Appraisal : 1. Generalized Bayes’ formula; 2. Simplicity and support; 3. Truthlikeness; 4. Why experiment?
CH. 7. Inductive Generalization : 1. Confirmation vs. instance confirmation; 2. Strong generalizations
CH. 8. Indeterminate Probabilities : 1. Qualitative probability; 2. Upper and lower probability; 3. Dempster’s rule

(ISBN 0-917930-23-1)

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(ISBN 0-917930-03-7)

Discounted price: $10.00

  Relevant Logics and Their Rivals I: The basic philosophical and semantical theory
Richard Routley with Robert K. Meyer, Val Plumwood and Ross T. Brady

CH. 1-The Implication Connection, and the Ensuring Inadequacy of Irrelevant Logics Such as Classical and Modal Logics.
CH. 2-Derivability, Deducibility, and the Core of Entailment.
CH. 3-The Shape of the First Degree Logical and Semantical Theory, and Competing Profiles for Higher Degree Logics.
CH. 4-The Semantics of Entailment and Sufficiency Conditionals' Relevant Affixing Systems with Normal Conjunction, Disjunction and Negation, and Their Extensions.
CH. 5-Further Investigation of Relevant Affixing Systems and Their Parts.
CH. 6-Relevant Logics with Normal Negations or Disjunctions, and Their more Famous Irrelevant Extensions: Incompleteness and Inconsistency Continued.
CH. 7-Non-Normal Relevant Systems and Their Modal Extensions and Implicational Systems Containing the Principles of Factor and Summation.
CH. 8-Multiplying Connectives, and Multiply Intensional Logics I. Systemic Connectives.
CH. 9-Multiply Intentional Logics II. Relevant Neighbourhood Connectives.
CH. 10-Implication, Entailment, and Necessity.
CH. 11-The Integration of Logical Methods. Operational Semantics and Alternative Proof-Theoretic and Semantical Formulations of Relevant Affixing Logics and Affixing Rivals.
CH. 12-The Algebraic Analysis of Relevant Affixing Systems.
CH. 13-The More general Semantical Theory of Implication and Conditionality I. Nonaffixing Replacement Systems and Nonsufficiency Connections.
CH. 14-The More General Theory of Implication and Conditionality II. Non-replacement Relevant Systems and the Logic of Notions of the Order of Propositional Identity.
CH. 15-Throwing Away the Classical Ladder

(ISBN 0-917930-80-0)

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(ISBN 0-917930-66-5)

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  Logic and Art: Essays in Honor of Nelson Goodman
Edited by Richard Rudner and Israel Scheffler
Science & Mind
J. J. C. SMART, Space-Time Individuals
BERNARD R. GRUNSTRA, Empirical and Conventional Elements in Certain Numerical Laws
ROBERT J. ACKERMANN, The Consequences
COLIN MURRAY TURBAYNE, Metaphors for the Mind
JEROME S. BRUNER, Origins of Problem Solving Strategies in Skill Acquisition
Art & Representation
E. H. GOMBRICH, The "What" and the "How": Perspective Representation and the Phenomenal World
MARX W. WARTOFSKY, Pictures, Representation, and the Understanding
RICHARD RUDNER, On Seeing What We Shall See
Logic & Language
ALONZO CHURCH, Axioms for Functional Calculi of Higher Order
W. V. QUINE, Algebraic Logic and Predicate Functors
R. M. MARTIN, On Pragmatics, the Meta-Theory of Science, and Subjective Intensions
ISRAEL SCHEFFLER, Ambiguity: An Inscriptional Approach
JOSEPH S. ULLIAN, A Remark on Deductive Principles
Implication & Modality
MORTON WHITE, On What Could Have Happened
Writings of Nelson Goodman

(ISBN 0-672-51639-x)

Discounted price: $10.00

  Frege's Puzzle
Nathan Salmon
Errata and Alterations
CH. 1 Frege's Puzzle and the Naive Theory 1.1 Frege's Puzzle and Information Content 1.2 The Naive Theory
CH. 2 Frege's Puzzle and the Modified Naive Theory 2.1 The Singly Modified Naive Theory 2.2 The Doubly Modified Naive Theory
CH. 3 The Theories of Russell and Frege 3.1 Russell 3.2 Frege
CH. 4 The Structure of Frege's Puzzle 4.1 Compositionality 4.2 Frege's Law 4.3 Challenging Questions
CH. 5 A Budget of Nonsolutions to Frege's Puzzle 5.1 Conceptual Theories 5.2 Contextual Theories 5.3 Verbal Theories 5.4 Frege's Strategy Generalized
CH. 6 The Crux of Frege's Puzzle 6.1 The Minor Premise 6.2 Substitutivity
CH.7 More Puzzles 7.1 The New Frege Puzzle 7.2 Elmer's Befuddlement
CH. 8 Resolution of the Puzzles 8.1 Attitudes and Recognition Failure 8.2 Propositional Attitudes and Recognition Failure 8.3 Resolution 8.4 Why We Speak the Way We Do
CH. 9 The Orthodox Theory versus the Modified Naive Theory 9.1 Semantics and Elmer's Befuddlement 9.2 Quantifying In 9.3 Propositional-Attitude Attributions 9.4 Concluding Remarks
Appendix A Kripke's Puzzle
Appendix B Analyticity and A Priority
Appendix C Propositional Semantics
Notes; Bibliography; Index of Theses; Subject Index.

(ISBN 0-924922-55-9)

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(ISBN 0-924922-05-2)

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  Properties as Processes: A Synoptic Study of Wilfrid Sellars’ Nominalism
Johanna Seibt
CH. 1: One dogma of Quineianism 1.0 Introduction; 1.1 Quantificational Nominalism; 1.2 Something Revisited
CH. 2: Reductional Nominalism 2.0 Introduction; 2.1 Naive Nominalism; 2.2 The Sellarsian AST-Reduction; 2.3 Role Semantics; 2.4 Inter-linguistic Classifications and the Indeterminacy of Translation
CH. 3: Achievements of Role-Semantics 3.0 Introduction; 3.1 Intra-linguistic Relationships; 3.2 Mastering Platonist Challenges
CH. 4: Epistemological Nominalism 4.0 Introduction; 4.1 Verbal Behaviorism: Anti-Mentalist Acquisition of Language; 4.2 Psychological Nominalism: Anti-Foundationalist Aquisition of Knowledge; 4.3 Methodological Behaviorism: Anti-Reductionist Theory of the Mental
CH. 5: Nexus, Plexus, Paradox 5.0 Introduction; 5.1 Having Predicates for a Subject; 5.2 Nexus Regress
CH. 6: Predication as Articulation 6.0 Introduction; 6.1 The Dispensability of Predicates; 6.2 What Price Predication?
CH. 7:
Linguistic Representation 7.0 Introduction; 7.1 Picturing Objects; 7.2 Pictures, Maps and Print-Outs; 7.3 Three Objections Against the Picture-Theory
CH. 8: Empirical Truth 8.0 Introduction; 8.1 Truth-Bearers and Picture-Makers; 8.2 The Archimedian Point
CH. 9: Scientific Image and the Reality of Properties 9.0 Introduction; 9.1 Philosophy Between Images; 9.2 Properties as Processes: A Project

(ISBN 0-917930-99-1)

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(ISBN 0-917930-59-2)

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  Science and Metaphysics
Wilfrid Sellars
Variations on Kantian Themes
I. Sensibility and Understanding
II. Appearances and Things In Themselves 1. Material Things
III. The Conceptual and The Real 1. Intentionality
IV. The Conceptual and The Real 2. Truth
V. The Conceptual and The Real 3. Picturing
VI. Appearances and Things In Themselves 2. Persons
VII. Objectivity, Intersubjectivity and The Moral Point of View
Appendix: Inner Sense
Index; Corrections
The Philosophical Works of Wilfrid Sellars

(ISBN 0-924922-61-3)

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(ISBN 0-924922-11-7)

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PDF file (SM-PDF)

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  Science, Perception, and Reality
Wilfrid Sellars
Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man
Being and Being Known
The Language of Theories
Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind
Truth and ‘Correspondence’
Naming and Saying
Grammar and Existence: A Preface to Ontology
Is There a Synthetic A Priori?
Some Reflections on Language Games
Index; Corrections
The Philosophical Works of Wilfrid Sellars

(ISBN 0-924922-50-8)

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(ISBN 0-924922-00-1)

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PDF file (SPR-PDF)

PDF price: $10.00
  Naturalism and Ontology
Wilfrid Sellars
I. In Praise of “Something”
II. The Quest for Properties or When is a Sort Not a Sort
III. The Importance of Being Dispensable
IV. Meaning and Ontology
V. After Meaning
Appendix: Correspondence with Michael Loux.
(ISBN 0-917930-36-3)

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(ISBN 0-917930-16-9)

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PDF file (NAO-PDF)

PDF price: $10.00
  Philosophical Perspectives: History of Philosophy
Wilfrid Sellars
I. The Soul as Craftsman
II. Vlastos and “The Third Man” (with “A Rejoinder”)
III. Aristotle’s Metaphysics: An Interpretation
IV. Substance and Form in Aristotle
V. Raw Materials, Subjects and Substrata
VI. Meditations Liebnitziennes

(ISBN 0-917930-24-x)

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(ISBN 0-917930-04-5)

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  Philosophical Perspectives: Metaphysics and Epistemology
Wilfrid Sellars
I. Physical Realism
II. The Intentional Realism of Everett Hall
III. Abstract Entities
IV. Classes as Abstract Entities and the Russell Paradox
V. The Paradox of Analysis: A Neo-Fregean Approach
VI. Notes on Intentionality
VII. Theoretical Explanation
VIII. Scientific Realism of Irenic Instrumentalism
IX. The Identity Approach to the Mind-Body Problem
X. Science and Ethics

Hardback N/A
(ISBN 0-917930-25-8)

(ISBN 0-917930-05-3)

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  KANT’S TRANSCENDENTAL METAPHYSICS: Sellars’ Cassirer Lectures Notes and Other Essays
Edited and introduced by Jeffrey F. Sicha
CONTENTS (main sections of the introduction and Sellars’ essays)
I. Prologue: On reading Kant and Sellars
A. The problem in general terms
B. An example
C. A small point
D. A special case
II. A Look at the surface
A. Transcendental Idealism
B. Some distinctions: ings versus eds
C. Back to Transcendental Idealism: Appearances as Representables
D. Things in Themselves
III. “A Little Lower Layer”
A. Concepts and Intuitions
B. Sellars’ Account of Intuitions
C. A Transcendental Logic: The Categories
IV. “Into the Heart”
A. What does Kant Believe about Sensory States?
B. What should Kant Believe about Sensory States?
V. “Nothing of Him that doth Fade,
but doth Suffer a Sea-change into Something Rich and Strange”
A. More Kantian Advantages from a Sellarsian Aesthetic
B. Thinkers and Perceivers in Themselves and as Part of Nature
C. Transcendental Idealism again
Ontology, the A Priori and Kant
Some Remarks on Kant’s Theory of Experience
Metaphysics and the Concept of a Person
On Knowing the Better and Doing the Worse
Toward a Theory of the Categories “...this I or he or it (the thing) which thinks...”
Berkeley and Descartes: Reflections on the Theory of Ideas
Kant’s Transcendental Idealism
The Role of Imagination in Kant’s Theory of Experience
Some Reflections on Perceptual Consciousness
On Accepting First Principles
Sellars’ Cassirer Lectures Notes
The Philosophical Works of Wilfrid Sellars
(ISBN 0-924922-89-3)

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(ISBN 0-924922-39-7)

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PDF file (KTM-PDF)

PDF price: $10.00
  Pure Pragmatics & Possible Worlds: The Early Essays of Wilfrid Sellars
Edited, with an introductory essay by J. F. Sicha

The main sections of the editor’s introduction:
I. Opening Remarks
II. Some Fundamental Themes

A. Naturalism
B. “Knowledge About”
III. The Pure Theory of Empirically Meaningful Languages
A. Pure Syntax
B. Pure Semantics
C. Pure Pragmatics
IV. Possible Worlds

Sellars’ essays
Pure Pragmatics and Epistemology
Epistemology and the New Way of Words
Realism and the New Way of Words
Concepts as involving Laws and Inconceivable without Them
Language, Rules and Behavior
On the Logic of Complex Particulars
Quotation Marks, Sentences, and Propositions
A Semantical Solution of the Mind-Body Problem
Inference and Meaning

(ISBN 0-917930-26-6)

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(ISBN 0-917930-06-1)

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  Hegel: The Difference Between the Fichtean and Schellingian Systems of Philosophy
Translated, edited and with an introductory essay by J. P. Surber
I. Biographical Sketch
II. Hegel’s Turning Point: The Differentzschrift
III. The Differentzschrift and Hegel’s Mature System
Translator’s Preface
Chronological Table
Biographical Notes
The Difference between the Fictean and Schellingian Systems of Philosophy

(ISBN 0-917930-32-0)

Discounted price: $16.00

(ISBN 0-917930-12-6)

Discounted price: $8.00
  Agent, Language, and the Structure of the World: Essays Presented to Hector-Neri Castañeda with his replies edited by James E. Tomberlin
I. ALVIN PLANTINGA, Hector-Neri Castañeda: A Personal Statement
II. The Essays
A. Human Cognition: Meaning, Belief, and Objects
JOHN PERRY, Castañeda on He and I
TYLER BURGE, Russell's Problem and Intentional Identity
ROMANE CLARK, Predication Theory: Guised and Disguised
ERNEST SOSA, Consciousness of the Self and of the Present
B. Human Action: Intention and Obligation
MICHAEL BRATMAN, Castañeda's Theory of Thought and Action
MYLES BRAND, Intending and Believing
WILFRID SELLARS, Conditional Promises and Conditional Intentions (Including a Reply to Castañeda)
BRUCE AUNE, Castañeda on Believing and Intending
JAMES E. TOMBERLIN, Contrary-to-Duty Imperatives and Castañeda's System of Deontic Logic
C. Human Knowledge: Probability, Evidence, and Privacy
KEITH LEHRER, Coherence and Indexicality in Knowledge
CARL GINET, Castañeda on Private Language
RODERICK M. CHISHOLM, Confirmation as an Epistemic Category Knowledge and Self: A Correspondence Between Robert M. Adams and Hector-Neri Castañeda
A. Human Cognition: Meaning, Belief, and Objects
B. Human Action: Intention and Obligation
C. Human Knowledge: Probability, Evidence, and Privacy

(ISBN 0-915145-55-3)

Discounted price: $10.00
  Philosophical Perspectives
An Annual Edited by James E. Tomberlin
Click here for complete listing with table of contents
See Philosophical Perspectives page
  Philosophical Issues series
Enrique Villanueva
Click here for complete listing with table of contents
See Philosophical Issues page
  Mind, Value, and Culture: Essays in Honor of E. M. Adams
Edited by David Weissbord

Introduction—David Weissbord
Part I: The Derangement of the Western Mind
The Humanities and the Modern Mind—Warren Nord; E. M. Adams and the Modern Mind: A Philosophical RencontreJay Rosenberg; Voyage to Syracuse: Adams-Schiller-Emerson—Richard Smyth
Part II: Categories, Categorial Analysis, and Value Realism
A Categorial Analysis of Predication: The Moral of Bradley's Regress—Romane Clark; Categorial Analysis and the Logical Grammar of the Mind—David Weissbord; For Whom is the Real Existence of Values a Problem: Or, An Attempt to Show that the Obvious is Plausible—William Poteat
Part III: Meaning, the Mental, and the Language of Appearing
Adams on the Mind: Mind as Meaning and as Agent—Richard Hall; Philosophical ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’—Virgil Aldrich; Are We Losing Our Minds—Ronald Hall; Ideas of Representation—William G. Lycan; A Modern Inquiry Into the Physical Property of Colors—Richard Grandy
Part IV: Ethics, Religion, and the Humanities
Are There Any Natural Rights?—Alan Gewirth; Patriotism and Liberal Morality—Marcia Baron; Why Darwin is Important for Ethics—James Rachels; Vaticinal Visions and Pegagogical Prescriptions—Michael Hooker; Religion as Cultural Artifact—Laurence Thomas
Part V: Rejoinder Where I Stand: Response to the Essays—E. Maynard Adams
Appendix ; Curriculum Vitae of E. Maynard Adams

(ISBN 0-917930-96-7)

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(ISBN 0-917930-41-x)

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