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Volumes of Philosophical Perspectives
Philosophical Perspectives
An Annual Edited by James E. Tomberlin
Volumes Available from Ridgeview
1, Metaphysics, 1987
2, Epistemology, 1988
3, Philosophy of Mind and Action Theory, 1989
4, Action Theory and Philosophy of Mind, 1990
5, Philosophy of Religion, 1991
6, Ethics, 1992
7, Language and Logic, 1993
8, Logic and Language, 1994
9, AI, Connectionism, and Philosophical Psychology, 1995

Volume 1
FELICIA ACKERMAN, An Argument for a Modified Russellian Principle of Acquaintance
BRUCE AUNE, Conceptual Relativism
GEORGE BEALER, The Philosophical Limits of Scientific Essentialism
JONATHAN BENNETT, Event Causation: The Counterfactual Analysis
HECTOR-NERI CASTAÑEDA, Self Consciousness, Demonstrative Reference, and the Self-Ascription View of Believing
ROMANE CLARK, Objects of Consciousness: The Non-Relational Theory of Sensing
WILLIAM G. LYCAN, Phenomenal Objects: A Backhanded Defense
TERENCE PARSONS, Entities Without Identity
ALVIN PLANTINGA, Two Concepts of Modality: Model Realism and Modal Reductionism
JOHN POLLOCK, How to Build a Person: The Physical Basis for Mentality
JAY F. ROSENBERG, Phenomenological Ontology Revisited: A Bergmannian Retrospective
STEPHEN SCHIFFER, The "Fido" - Fido Theory of Belief
ERNEST SOSA, Subjects Among Other Things
PETER VAN INWAGEN, When are Objects Parts?
NICHOLAS WOLTERSTORFF, Are Concept-Users World-Makers?

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Volume 2
WILLIAM P. ALSTON, The Deontological Conception of Epistemic Justification
ROBERT AUDI, Foundationalism, Coherentism, and Epistemological Dogmatism
HECTOR-NERI CASTAÑEDA, Knowledge and Epistemic Obligation
RODERICK M. CHISHOLM, The Evidence of the Senses
ROMANE CLARK, Vicious Infinite Regress Arguments
STEWART COHEN, How to be a Fallibilist
RICHARD FELDMAN, Epistemic Obligations
RICHARD FUMERTON, The Internalism/Externalism Controversy
ALVIN I. GOLDMAN, Strong and Weak Justification
RISTO HILPINEN, Knowledge and Conditionals
JAEGWON KIM, What is "Naturalized Epistemology"?
KEITH LEHRER, Coherence, Justification, and Chisholm
ALVIN PLANTINGA, Positive Epistemic Status and Proper Function
JOHN L. POLLOCK, The Building of Oscar
WILFRID SELLARS, On Accepting First Principles
SYDNEY SHOEMAKER, On Knowing One's Own Mind
BRIAN SKYRMS, Deliberational Dynamics and the Foundations of Bayesian Game Theory
ERNEST SOSA, Knowledge in Context, Skepticism in Doubt
MARSHALL SWAIN, Alston's Internalistic Externalism

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Volume 3
FRED DRETSKE, Reasons and Causes
CARL GINET, Reasons Explanation of Action: An Incompatibilist Account
TERENCE HORGAN, Mental Quasation
JAEGWON KIM, Mechanism, Purpose, and Explanatory Exclusion
BRIAN McLAUGHLIN, Type Epiphenomenalism and the Anomalism of the Mental
GEOFFREY SAYRE-McCORD, Functional Explanations and Reasons as Causes
LYNNE RUDDER BAKER, On a Causal Theory of Content
STEVEN E. BO R, Neo-Fregean Thoughts
PAUL CHURCHLAND, Folk Psychology and the Explanation of Human Behavior
NATHAN SALMON, Illogical Belief
ROBERT STALNAKER, On What's in the Head
HOWARD WETTSTEIN, Turning the Tables on Frege or How is it that "Hesperus is Hesperus" is Trivial?
TAKASHI YAGISAWA, The Reverse Frege Puzzle
MARK JOHNSTON, Fission and the Facts
PETER VAN INWAGEN, When is the Will Free?
MYLES BRAND, Proximate Causation of Action
MICHAEL BRATMAN, Intention and Personal Policies
RAIMO TUOMELA, Actions by Collectives
MICHAEL DEVITT and KIM STERELNY, Linguistics: What's Wrong with "The Right View"
GRAEME FORBES, Biosemantics and the Normative Properties of Thought
JENNIFER HORNSBY, Semantic Innocence and Psychological Understanding
SCOTT SOAMES, Semantics and Semantic Competence

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Volume 4
ANNETTE C. BAIER, What Emotions Are About
GILBERT HARMAN, The Intrinsic Quality of Experience
NED BLOCK, Inverted Earth
BRIAN LOAR, Phenomenal States
WILLIAM G. LYCAN, What Is the "Subjectivity" of the Mental?
BRIAN O'SHAUGHNESSY, The Appearance of a Material Object
SYDNEY SHOEMAKER, First-Person Access
JAMES VAN CLEVE, Mind-Dust or Magic? Panpsychism Versus Emergence
ROBERT AUDI, An Internalist Conception of Rational Action
BRUCE AUNE, Action, Inference, Belief, and Intention
HECTOR-NERI CASTAÑEDA, Practical Thinking, Reasons for Doing, and Intentional Action: The Thinking of Doing and the Doing of Thinking
FRED FELDMAN, A Simpler Solution to the Paradoxes of Deontic Logic
PATRICIA SMITH CHURCHLAND and TERRENCE J. SEJNOWSKI, Neural Representation and Neural Computation
JOHN HAUGELAND, The Intentionality All-Stars
BERNARD W. KOBES, Individualism and Artificial Intelligence
JOHN POLLOCK, Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence
WILLIAM RAMSEY, STEPHEN STICH, and JOSEPH GARON, Connectionism, Eliminativism and the Future of Folk Psychology
FELICIA ACKERMAN, Analysis, Language, and Concepts: The Second Paradox of Analysis
RODERICK M. CHISHOLM, Referring to Things That No Longer Exist
RICHARD GRANDY, Understanding and the Principle of Compositionality
JAMES E. TOMBERLIN, Belief, Nominalism, and Quantification

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Volume 5
MARILYN McCORD ADAMS, Sin as Uncleanness
WILLIAM P. ALSTON, The Inductive Argument from Evil and the Human Cognitive Condition WILLIAM L. ROWE, Ruminations About Evil
MICHAEL TOOLEY, The Argument from Evil
PETER VAN INWAGEN, The Problem of Evil, the Problem of Air, and the Problem of Silence
RODERICK M. CHISHOLM, On the Simplicity of the Soul
JOSHUA HOFFMAN and GARY ROSENKRANTZ, Are Souls Unintelligible?
ROBERT AUDI, Faith, Belief, and Rationality
RICHARD M. GALE, Pragmatism Versus Mysticism: the Divided Self of William James
ALVIN PLANTINGA, The Prospects for Natural Theology
PHILIP L. QUINN, Epistemic Parity and Religious Argument
ROBERT MERRIHEW ADAMS, An Anti-Molinist Argument
JOHN MARTIN FISCHER, Snapshot Ockhamism
THOMAS P. FLINT, Middle Knowledge and the Doctrine of Infallibility
ELEONORE STUMP and NORMAN KRETZMANN, Prophecy, Past Truth, and Eternity
EDWARD WIERENGA, Prophecy, Freedom, and the Necessity of the Past
EARL CONEE, The Possibility of Power Beyond Possibility
CHRISTOPHER MENZEL, Temporal Actualism and Singular Foreknowledge
PAUL E. OPPENHEIMER and EDWARD N. ZALTA, On the Logic of the Ontological Argument
ALFRED J. FREDDOSO, God's General Concurrence with Secondary Causes: Why Conservation is not Enough
HUGH J. McCANN and JONATHAN L. KVANVIG, The Occasionalist Proselytizer: A Modified Catechism
WILLIAM E. MANN, Jephthah's Plight: Moral Dilemmas and Theism

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Volume 6
DAVID O. BRINK, A Puzzle About the Rational Authority of Morality
PETER RAILTON, Some Questions About the Justification of Morality
GEOFFREY SAYRE-MCCORD, Normative Explanations
HOLLY M. SMITH, Whose Body Is It, Anyway?
NICHOLAS L. STURGEON, Nonmoral Explanations
JULIA ANNAS, Ancient Ethics and Modern Morality
ANNETTE C. BAIER, Trusting People
STEPHEN L. DARWALL, Internalism and Agency
JOEL FEINBERG, The Social Importance of Moral Rights
ALLAN GIBBARD, Moral Concepts: Substance and Sentiment
SHELLY KAGAN, The Structure of Normative Ethics
SUSAN WOLF, Morality and Partiality
DAVID COPP, The "Possibility" of a Categorical Imperative: Kant's Groundwork, Part III
THOMAS E. HILL, JR., A Kantian Perspective on Moral Rules
CHRISTINE M. KORSGAARD, Creating the Kingdom of Ends: Reciprocity and Responsibility in Personal Relations
JEAN HAMPTON, Hobbes and Ethical Naturalism
MICHAEL SLOTE, Ethics Naturalized
SAMUEL SCHEFFLER, Prerogatives Without Restrictions
WALTER SINNOTT-ARMSTRONG, An Argument for Consequentialism
T. H. IRWIN, Who Discovered The Will?
ELEONORE STUMP, God's Obligations
PHILIP L. QUINN, The Primacy of God's Will in Christian Ethics

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Volume 7
The First Philosophical Perspectives Lecture : ERNEST SOSA, Epistemology, Realism, and Truth
GEORGE BEALER, A Solution to Frege's Puzzle
CHRISTOPHER MENZEL, The Proper Treatment of Predication in Fine-Grained Intensional Logic
NATHAN SALMON, Analyticity and Apriority
TAKASHI YAGISAWA, A Semantic Solution to Frege's Puzzle
KEITH S. DONNELLAN, There Is a Word for That Kind of Thing: An Investigation of Two Thought Experiments
JAMES HIGGINBOTHAM, Grammatical Form and Logical Form
GENOVEVA MARTI, The Source of Intensionality
MARK RICHARD, Articulated Terms
STEPHEN SCHIFFER, Actual-Language Relations
SIMON BLACKBURN, Circles, Finks, Smells and Biconditionals
MICHAEL DEVITT, A Critique of the Case for Semantic Holism
MARK JOHNSTON, Verificationism as Philosophical Narcissism
MICHAEL DUNN, Star and Perp: Two Treatments of Negation
ANIL GUPTA, Minimalism
STEPHEN YABLO, Hop, Skip and Jump: the Agonistic Conception of Truth
D.M. ARMSTRONG, A World of States of Affairs
TERENCE PARSONS, On Denoting Propositions and Facts
G.W. FITCH, Non Denoting
JAY F. ROSENBERG, Another Look at Proper Names

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Volume 8
The Second Philosophical Perspectives Lecture: KIT FINE, Essence and Modality
LYNNE RUDDER BAKER, Content and Context
PAUL BOGHOSSIAN, The Transparency of Mental Content
BRIAN LOAR, Self-interpretation and the Constitution of Reference
RUTH GARRETT MILLIKAN, On Unclear and Indistinct Ideas
JERRY FODOR and ERNEST LEPORE, Is Radical Interpretation Possible?
DONALD DAVIDSON, Radical Interpretation Interpreted
FELICIA ACKERMAN, Roots and Consequences of Vagueness
DAVID COWLES, On van Inwagen's Defense of Vague Identity
TERENCE HORGAN, Robust Vagueness and the Forced-March Sorites Paradox
MICHAEL TYE, Sorites Paradoxes and the Semantics of Vagueness
PETER VAN INWAGEN, Composition as Identity
JEFFREY C. KING, Anaphora and Operators
SCOTT SOAMES, Attitudes and Anaphora
TOMIS KAPITAN, Exports and Imports: Anaphora in Attitudinal Ascriptions
THOMAS McKAY, Names, Causal Chains, and De Re Beliefs
MICHAEL McKINSEY, Individuating Beliefs
JON BARWISE and JERRY SELIGMAN, The Rights and Wrongs of Natural Regularity
NUEL BELNAP and MITCHELL GREEN, Indeterminism and the Thin Red Line
MARVIN BELZER and BARRY LOEWER, Hector Meets 3-D: A Diaphilosophical Epic
GRAEME FORBES, A New Riddle of Existence
BERNARD LINSKY AND EDWARD ZALTA, In Defense of the Simplest Quantified Modal Logic
JAMES E. TOMBERLIN and FRANK McGUINNESS, Troubles with Actualism

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Volume 9
The Third Philosophical Perspectives Lecture : WILLIAM G. LYCAN, Consciousness as Internal Monitoring, I
JOHN L. POLLOCK, Practical Reasoning in Oscar
WILLIAM J. RAPAPORT, Understanding Understanding: Syntactic Semantics and Computational Cognition
ANDY CLARK, Moving Minds: Situating Content in the Service of Real-time
ROBERT CUMMINS, Connectionism and the Rationale Constraint on Cognitive Explanation TERENCE HORGAN and JOHN TIENSON, Connectionism and the Commitments of Folk Psychology
MARTIN DAVIES, Two Notions of Implicit Rules
RUTH GARRETT MILLIKAN, Pushmi-Pullyu Representations
GEORGES REY, A Not “Merely Empirical” Argument for a Language of Thought
MICHAEL TYE, A Representational Theory of Pains and Their Phenomenal Character
COLIN McGINN, Consciousness Evaded: Comments on Dennett
ROBERT VAN GULICK, How Should We Understand the Relation Between Intentionality and Phenomenal Consciousness?
BERNARD W. KOBES, Telic Higher-Order Thoughts and Moore's Paradox
DAVID M. ROSENTHAL, Moore's Paradox and Consciousness
FELICIA ACKERMAN, The Concept of Manipulativeness
STEVEN E. BOËR, Propositional Attitudes and Compositional Semantics
MARK CRIMMINS, Contextuality, Reflexivity, Iteration, Logic
DERK PEREBOOM, Conceptual Structure and the Individuation of Content
LOUISE ANTONY, Law and Order in Psychology
DAVID BRAUN, Causally Relevant Properties
STEPHEN YABLO, Singling Out Properties
Corrections to “Hop, Skip, and Jump: the Agonistic Conception of Truth” by Stephen Yablo which appeared in Philosophical Perspectives, 7, Language and Logic, 1993

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