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North American Kant Society Publications
North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy (Volumes 1-5)
Volume 1 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy

Edited and Introduced by Ralf Meerbote
Associate Editor: Hud Hudson
Ralf Meerbote , Introduction
(i) The Background of Kant’s Aesthetics and His Early Writings on the Subject, Leading up to the Critique of Judgment
(ii) Six Attempts at Interpretation
(iii) A Historical Note: the Origin of These Papers
Carl J. Posy , Imagination and Judgment in the Critical Philosophy
Stephen F. Barker , Beauty and Induction in Kant's Third Critique
Peter Kivy
, Kant and the Affektenlehre: What He Said, and What I Wish He Had Said
Mary Mothersill , The Antinomy of Taste
Hud Hudson , The Significance of an Analytic of the Ugly in Kant’s Deduction of Pure Judgments of Taste
Nicholas Wolterstorff , An Engagement with Kant’s Theory of Beauty
Predrag Cicovacki , Kant's Aesthetics Between 1980 and 1990: A Bibliography

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MINDS, IDEAS, AND OBJECTS: Essays on the Theory of Representation in Modern Philosophy
Volume 2 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy

Edited by Phillip D. Cummins and Guenter Zoeller
Introduction by Phillip D. Cummins
Jean-Marie Beyssade , Descartes on Material Falsity
Peter Markie , Descartes on the Awareness of Substance
Tad M. Schmaltz , Sensation, Occasionalism, and Descartes' Causal Principles
Thomas Lennon , Malebranche's Argument for Ideas and its Systematic Importance
Steven Nadler , Intentionality in the Arnauld-Malebranche Debate
Martha Brandt Bolton , The Idea-Theoretic Basis of Locke’s Anti-Essentialist Doctrine of Nominal Essence
Ian Tipton , “Ideas” and “Objects”: Locke on Perceiving “Things”
Margaret Atherton , Ideas in the Mind, Qualities in Bodies: Some Distinctive Features of Locke’s Account of Primary and Secondary Qualities
Geneviève Brykman , Locke on Private Language
Margaret D. Wilson , Confused versus Distinct Perception in Leibniz: Consciousness, Representation, and God’s Mind
Kenneth P. Winkler , Ideas, Sentiments, and Qualities
Bertil Belfrage , The Constructivism of Berkeley's New Theory of Vision
Charles J. McCracken
, Berkeley on the Relation of Ideas to the Mind
Georges Dicker, Berkeley on the Immediate Perception of Objects
Robert McKim, Berkeley on Private Ideas and Public Objects
Daniel Flage Relative Ideas and Notions
Fred Wilson, Association, Ideas, and Images in Hume
Ralf Meerbote, Space and Time and Objects in Space and Time: Another Aspect of Kant’s Transcendental Idealism
James Van Cleve , The Argument from Geometry, Transcendental Idealism, and Kant’s Two Worlds
Manfred Baum , Kant on Pure Intuition
Richard E. Aquila , The Subject as Appearance and as Thing in Itself in the Critique of Pure Reason: Reflections in the Light of the Role of Imagination in Apprehension
Hoke Robinson , Kant on Embodiment
Guenter Zoeller , The Austrian Way of Ideas: Contents and Objects of Presentations in the Brentano School.

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KANT’S EARLY METAPHYSICS AND THE ORIGINS OF THE CRITICAL PHILOSOPHY Volume 3 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy
Alison Laywine
I. Interpretation of Dreams
II. The System of Physical Influx
III. The Material Nature of Immaterial Things
IV. The Arcana of Swedenborg
V. Dreams of a Spirit-Seer
VI. The Inaugural Dissertation
VII. Towards the Critical Philosophy

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Volume 4 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy
Reinhard Brandt (translated by Eric Watkins)
Translator’s note
I. Introduction
II. The Completeness of the Table of Judgments in Recent Literature
III. The Systematic Idea of the Table
IV. On the Genesis of the Table
V. On the History of the Interpretation of the Critique of Pure Reason
List of Reflexionen Cited

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LOGIC AND THE WORKINGS OF THE MIND: The Logic of Ideas and Faculty Psychology in Early Modern Philosophy
Volume 5 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy
Edited by Patricia A. Easton
Lorne Falkenstein and Patricia A. Easton,
Frederick S. Michael , Why Logic Became Epistemology: Gassendi, Port Royal and the Reformation of Logic
Gary Hatfield , The Workings of the Intellect: Mind and Psychology
E. Jennifer Ashworth , Petrus Fonseca on Objective Concepts and the Analogy of Being
Elmar J. Kremer , Arnauld on the Nature of Ideas as a Topic in Logic: The Port-Royal Logic and On True and False Ideas
Emily Michael
, Francis Hutcheson’s Logicae Compendium and the Glasgow School of Logic
Jill Vance Buroker , The Priority of Thought to Language in Cartesian Philosophy
Fred Wilson , Berkeley's Metaphysics and Ramist Logic
Charles Echelbarger , Hume and the Logicians
David Owen , Hume on Demonstration
Patricia Kitcher , Kant on Logic and Self-Consciouness
Francois Duchesneau , Leibniz and the Model for Contingent Truths
Phillip D. Cummins , Hume on Possible Objects and Impossible Ideas
Manfred Kuehn , The Wolffian Background of Kant’s Transcendental Deduction
Catherine Wilson , Between Medicina Mentis and Medical Materialism
Eric Palmer , Descartes's Rules and the Workings of the Mind
Louis E. Loeb , Causal Inference, Associationism, and Skepticism in Part III of Book I of Hume’s Treatise
Robert E. Butts
, Kant's Dialectic and the Logic of Illusion
Anthony Lariviere and Thomas Teufel , Bibliography.

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